TABASCO® Buffalo Style Sauce

Our Buffalo Style Sauce delivers that classic Buffalo flavor your customers crave, and it has just the right amount of heat. It stands head and horns above the rest – it’s made from high-quality ingredients by the people who perfected hot sauce.


Your customers get the best of every bite when they personalize their meals just the way they like them. TABASCO® brand Buffalo Style Hot Sauce is so versatile, it does a lot more than just kick up wings. It goes great on any kind of chicken, on sandwiches, burgers, BBQ and a whole lot more. For dipping and spreading, it adds an authentic buffalo flavor when stirred into ketchup, mayo, dressings and other condiments.


TABASCO® brand Buffalo Style Sauce is ideal not just for wings – its tangy, authentic Buffalo flavor is delicious in pizza sauce, pub-style foods, sauces and marinades for ribs and chicken, salad and sandwich dressings, and Asian-style dipping sauces. Try it in Buffalo Cod Pub Sandwich, Jamaican Me Hungry, Deviled Soft Crabs With Buffalo O’Brian Potatoes, and more.

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The mild heat of TABASCO® Buffalo Style Sauce is delicious in a variety of dishes. Add its distinctive tangy flavor to comfort foods like oven-baked macaroni and cheese, or blend with curry and other spices to elevate traditional wings.

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