TABASCO® Original Red Sauce

Since 1868, TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce has been made with three simple ingredients: fully aged red tabasco pepper mash, high quality distilled vinegar, and a small amount of Avery Island salt. This simple recipe produces the incredibly pungent, fiery taste that’s beloved the world over.


Your customers ask for TABASCO® Sauce by name because they want to personalize their food, and nothing works better to bring out the natural flavor of their favorite dishes. They’ll use it on everything from eggs, sandwiches, and soups to pizza, chicken, and burgers. Plus you get more servings per 5-oz. bottle compared to other sauces.


Many chefs and cooks consider TABASCO® Sauce their ‘secret ingredient’ and use it to liven up just about any dish, sauce, marinade, or glaze. And it goes great with international and ethnic cuisines such as Cajun, Italian, and Pan Asian. Try our Country Ham & Cheese Scramble, Boneless Short Ribs, Avery Island Stir Fry, and more.

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Featured Recipes

A brunch menu of classic egg dishes and cocktails is guaranteed to become a customer favorite when you season with that familiar peppery punch of TABASCO® Original Red Sauce. Just a few drops makes the perfect Bloody Mary and adds a delicious kick to creamy hollandaise sauce.

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