Score Big with Sizzling TABASCO® Wing Recipes

If you want to score with wing lovers, try these sizzling TABASCO® wing recipes featuring exotic flavors and a wide range of delicious ingredients. Whether you cook them up on the grill, in the oven or go the traditional route with the deep-fryer – your customers will keep coming back for more.

  • Chili Rojo Wings
    Chili Rojo
    Marinated in a lime juice and scallion sauce.
  • Spicy Thai Mint Wings
    Spicy Thai
    Mint Wings
    Infused with fresh mint and rice vinegar.
  • Crunchy Green Wings
    Green Wings
    Bread crumbs and parmesan cheese provide crunch.
  • Orange Chipotle Wings
    Chipotle Wings
    Flavored with orange zest, chipotle peppers and honey.
  • Georgia Pecan Crusted Wings
    Georgia Pecan Crusted Wings
    Serve with a spicy peach marmalade sauce.
  • Tortilla Crusted Wings
    Crusted Wings
    A sizzling Southwestern take on wings.
  • Madras Chicken Wings
    Chicken Wings
    Indian spices lend exotic flavor.
  • Garlic Fra Diavolo Wing Sauce
    Fra Diavolo
    Wing Sauce
    A delicious mixture of marinara and Garlic Pepper Sauce.
  • Spicy Thai Peanut Wing Sauce
    Spicy Thai
    Peanut Wing Sauce
    Garlic Pepper Sauce takes peanut sauce to a new level.
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