Bold Flavor for Game Day Dishes

Perfect Plates for Game Day

Give fans what they want – fun foods seasoned with TABASCO® deliciousness!

Beat the odds for football season by trotting out your game-day menu MVPs – the TABASCO® brand Family of Flavors®! Keep fans coming back with creatively prepared game-day foods seasoned with the #1 hot sauce asked for by name!1 Then up the score by stocking tables and bars with TABASCO® Pepper Sauce flavors for shaking on food and drink to taste. The price is right, too: a single 5-oz. bottle of Original Red Sauce offers 100 servings on average, compared to 36 servings with other sauces!

  • #1: Fans Want Wings!

    Wings are the perfect game-watching food, so maximize the fan love by offering a variety of tasty choices. Experiment with our Pepper Sauce flavors to marinate or baste wings and create new dipping sauces!

    Sales for wings seasoned with pepper sauces have increased as much as 78%!
  • #2: Subs & Sandwiches

    TABASCO® Pepper Sauce flavors aren’t just condiments – they’re sandwich ingredients! Use as marinades, rubs and bastes for roasting or smoking meats and mix them into sandwich sauces and spreads like remoulade, ketchup and spicy mayo.

    49% of consumers want subs/sandwiches on game day!
  • #3: Appetizers Rule!

    Finger foods are fun, easy to share and perfect for groups gathered together for the game. Customers are more likely to explore new foods and flavors with lower-priced small plates, so get creative!

    65% of consumers order appetizers when dining out!
  • #4: Drinks & Sweets

    Fans can watch a game anywhere, but where else can they get that amazing signature drink or dessert that you created? Fun additions help increase guest spending, so give drinks and desserts a spicy makeover!

  • #5: Freestyle Your Fries

    French fries are a classic game-day food with endless possibilities for customizing in tasty new ways, from spiking the ketchup with spicy TABASCO® brand goodness to creating a signature dipping sauce or topping.

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