Ingredients Weight Measure
All-purpose flour 2 cups
Eggs 4 ea.
Milk 2 cups
Salt 1/4 tsp.

Red Eye Gravy

Ingredients Weight Measure
Butter 1/2 cup + extra
Country ham, diced 2 cups
Shallots, minced 2 cups
Chicken broth 2 pts.
Cornstarch 1/4 cup + 1 Tbsp.
Bourbon 1/2 cup
Coffee, prepared 1/2 cup
Tomatoes, diced, seeded 2 cups
Basil, fresh, roughly chopped 2 Tbsp.
Cayenne pepper dash
TABASCO® brand Habanero Sauce 3 tsp.


Ingredients Weight Measure
Filo dough 1 sheet
TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce 1/2 oz.


  1. To prepare Crêpes, place flour in a stainless steel bowl. Add eggs, one at a time, while constantly stirring. Add milk and salt and stir.
  2. Butter an 8" nonstick pan then pour enough batter to cover the bottom of the pan (approx. 2 oz.). Cook one side until barely brown (approx. 2 minutes). Flip and repeat. Remove from pan and set aside until needed. To keep crêpes from sticking, place parchment paper in between.
  3. To prepare Red Eye Gravy, melt 1/2 cup butter in saucepan and brown country ham. Add shallots, cooking for 5 minutes.
  4. In a different container, combine chicken broth and cornstarch, whisking well. Add chicken broth mixture to saucepan, along with bourbon, coffee, tomatoes, basil, cayenne, and TABASCO® Habanero Sauce. Let simmer until the gravy thickens (until it coats the back of a spoon).
  5. For the Garnish, julienne the filo dough. Deep-fry dough strips in 350°F oil, for approx. 2 minutes (strips should be crisp). Remove from oil and place in a stainless steel bowl. Toss fried dough strips with TABASCO® Original Red Sauce and set aside.
  6. To assemble, for each serving, pour 6-8 oz. of prepared gravy into sauté pan. Fold crêpes in half, then in half again. Place 3 folded crepes in the pan. Bring gravy to simmer. Remove contents of pan to serving plate. Top with garnish.

Yield: 16 servings