TABASCO® Chipotle Flatbread

Ingredients Weight Measure
Dry active bread yeast 2-1/2 Tbsp.
Granulated sugar 1/8 cup
Olive oil 1/2 cup
Water, warm 2 cups
TABASCO® brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce 2 Tbsp.
Bread flour 8 cups
Table salt 1 Tbsp. + 1 tsp.
Italian flat leaf parsley, chopped 1/3 cup
Chives, chopped 1/3 cup
Oregano, chopped 1/3 cup
Gorgonzola blue cheese 1/2 cup
Flour, extra for kneading as needed
Olive oil, extra for oiling bowl and for grilling as needed

TABASCO® Chipotle Garlic Spinach

Ingredients Weight Measure
Olive oil 4 Tbsp.
Garlic cloves, peeled, finely chopped 2 Tbsp.
Spinach, washed and clipped 8 cups
TABASCO® brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce 4 Tbsp.
Salt 1/2 tsp.

Grilled Red Onions

Ingredients Weight Measure
Olive oil 2 Tbsp.
Red onion, sliced 2 cups
Table salt 1/4 tsp.
White pepper, ground 1/8 tsp.

TABASCO® Chipotle Grilled Shrimp

Ingredients Weight Measure
Shrimp, fresh, heads removed, peeled and deveined 5 lbs.
TABASCO® brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce 2 Tbsp.
Olive oil 4 Tbsp.
Table salt 1/2 tsp.
White pepper, ground 1/4 tsp.

Fresh Tomato

Ingredients Weight Measure
Roma tomato, fresh, sliced 2 cups


Ingredients Weight Measure
Italian Gorgonzola cheese, crumbled 1 cup


  1. For TABASCO® Chipotle Flatbread, in 1 large mixing bowl, place the measure of yeast, sugar and olive oil.
  2. Add 2 cups of warm tap water.
  3. Stir the mixture with the whisk for 30 seconds, making sure there are no clumps of yeast. Set bowl aside until the yeast "blooms" (approximately 5-10 minutes).
  4. In a separate bowl, place the flour, adding the liquid as you mix it into a ball. Sprinkle table with flour and knead dough for 10 minutes.
  5. After the kneading process, let the dough sit for 1 minute. Rub the inside of the large bowl you used for flour with 1 tsp. of olive oil. Knead the dough once more for about 10 seconds.
  6. Form the dough into a ball and place smooth side up in the oiled bowl, rub a little oil over the surface of the dough; cover the bowl with plastic wrap and place it in a warm, draft-free location until dough rises to double in size (approximately 40-60 minutes)
  7. For the TABASCO® Chipotle Garlic Spinach, start by preheating the grill on medium flame.
  8. Place olive oil in the deep saucepan and place on a low fire.
  9. Add the finely chopped garlic and slowly cook the garlic until soft and light golden, about 7 minutes.
  10. While the garlic is slowly cooking, pick any large stems that are on the spinach leaves and discard the stems.
  11. When the garlic has cooked for 7 minutes, add the spinach to the pan with TABASCO® Chipotle Pepper Sauce and table salt.
  12. Stir the spinach on low heat until it is all wilted; then remove onto a plate and set aside.
  13. For the Grilled Red Onions, drizzle olive oil over the sliced onions and season with salt and ground white pepper.
  14. Place the onions on the grill, flat, in a single layer.
  15. Grill for 4 minutes; then remove to a plate and set them aside.
  16. For the TABASCO® Chipotle Grilled Shrimp, place shrimp into a bowl; drizzle them with olive oil and TABASCO® Chipotle Pepper Sauce.
  17. Mix the shrimp around to coat them well in the marinade.
  18. Season the shrimp with salt and white ground pepper.
  19. Place the shrimp on the grill, flat on their sides, in a single layer.
  20. Grill for 3 minutes on each side or until done.
  21. Remove the shrimp from the grill and set aside.
  22. Slice the Roma tomatoes across the length of the tomato so that you produce little round slices that are about 1/4" thick. You should typically get about 8 slices from each tomato. Set aside.
  23. Once the dough has doubled in size, remove it from the bowl onto a clean work surface.
  24. Knead for 10 seconds.
  25. Shape the dough into a rectangle that is about 12" long and 8" wide, and place the long side in front of you.
  26. Roughly divide the dough into 16-20 even-size pieces.
  27. Next, preheat the grill on a low/medium heat for 5 minutes.
  28. Place 3 drops of TABASCO® Chipotle Pepper Sauce on each piece of dough.
  29. Spoon a little olive oil over each piece as well.
  30. Form each piece of dough into a thin flat disc that is about 1/4" thick and at least 5" across.
  31. Place the flatbread onto the grill with the lid open until nice golden brown grill marks appear. This should take about 5 minutes.
  32. After 5 minutes, brush the upside of the flatbread with a little more olive oil and then flip it over.
  33. Equally divide the Chipotle Garlic Spinach amongst the dough.
  34. Then add the sliced fresh tomatoes, followed by the Chipotle Grilled Shrimp and the Grilled Red Onions
  35. Next, top the flatbread with a little crumbled cheese.
  36. Close the lid of the grill for about 2 minutes to melt the cheese.
  37. Heat the assembled flatbreads in a preheated 350°F oven for about 5 minutes.

Yield: 16-20 servings