Ingredients Weight Measure

Shrimp Balls

Ingredients Weight Measure
Shrimp, 16/20 3 lbs.
TABASCO® brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce 2 Tbsp.
Garlic, cloves, minced 2 Tbsp.
Green onions, sliced 1/2 cup
Lemon juice 1 Tbsp.
Worcestershire sauce 1 Tbsp.
Eggs 2 ea.
Heavy cream 1/4 cup
Corn flour 1/4 cup
Salt 1/2 tsp.


Ingredients Weight Measure
Flour 2 cups
Salt 2 Tbsp.
White pepper 1 tsp
Milk 2 cups
Cornmeal 2 cups
Corn flour 2 cups

Chipotle Sausage Gravy

Ingredients Weight Measure
Andouille sausage, diced 1/4" 8 oz.
Garlic, minced 3 Tbsp.
Shallots, sliced 1/2 cup
White wine 2 cups
Worcestershire sauce 1 Tbsp.
TABASCO® brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce 2 Tbsp. + 1 tsp.
Green onions, sliced 1/2 cup
Unsalted butter 16 oz.
Salt 1/2 tsp.

Buttered Rice

Ingredients Weight Measure
Rice 2 cups
Water 3-1/3 cups
Salt 2 tsp.
Unsalted butter, melted 4 Tbsp.


Ingredients Weight Measure
Tomatoes, peeled, seeded, diced 1 cup
Green onion, sliced 1/4 cup
TABASCO® brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce as needed


  1. For Shrimp Balls, peel, devein and rinse the shrimp.
  2. Split the shrimp into 2 pieces through the back. You should have 96-120 half pieces.
  3. Reserve the best 60 pieces, and lay them flat onto a cutting board; cover with plastic wrap. Lightly pound the shrimp until they are uniform in thickness, but not too thin. Refrigerate.
  4. Place the remaining shrimp pieces in a food processor and pulse until coarse. Mix the chopped shrimp in a mixing bowl with the TABASCO® Chipotle Pepper Sauce, garlic, green onions, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, eggs, heavy cream, corn flour and salt.
  5. Place the shrimp filling in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.
  6. Remove the shrimp halves and the filling from the refrigerator and prepare to fill the shrimp.
  7. Split the filling equally among the shrimp on the cutting board, approximately 1 tsp. each.
  8. Wrap the shrimp around the filling and roll into a ball shape.
  9. For Breading, season the flour with salt and pepper; place into a shallow container. Place the milk into a second shallow container. Mix the cornmeal and corn flour in third shallow container.
  10. Roll the shrimp balls in the flour, then the milk, then the cornmeal/corn flour mixture. Place the breaded shrimp balls onto a sheet pan and place in the freezer while making the gravy.
  11. For the Chipotle Sausage Gravy, place the diced Andouille into a heated saucepan and sauté for 3-5 minutes.
  12. Add the garlic and shallots to the pan and continue to sauté for an additional 2-3 minutes.
  13. Add the white wine to the pan and bring the mixture to a boil.
  14. Reduce the heat to a simmer; continue simmering the gravy until almost all of the wine is evaporated.
  15. Add the Worcestershire sauce and TABASCO® Chipotle Pepper Sauce to the pan; simmer another 2-3 minutes.
  16. Remove the pan from the heat, add the green onions and begin swirling the butter cubes into the sauce until fully incorporated. Add the salt and reserve the gravy in a warm place in the kitchen.
  17. For the Buttered Rice, place the rice, water and salt in a thick-gauge pan.
  18. Bring the rice to a boil and reduce to a simmer.
  19. Cover the rice and continue to cook until the water is almost all absorbed.
  20. Turn off the heat and let rice sit for 5 minutes.
  21. Uncover the rice, pour the melted butter over and flake with a fork.
  22. Remove the shrimp from the refrigerator and deep-fry in batches at 350°F for 3-4 minutes until cooked through. Reserve warm.
  23. Drizzle 2 oz. of gravy around the perimeter of each plate.
  24. Press the rice into a 2-oz. to 3-oz. ramekin and unmold onto the center of each plate, on top of the gravy.
  25. Place 5 shrimp balls equally around the rice, on top of the sauce.
  26. Garnish the shrimp balls with tomatoes and green onions.
  27. Garnish the gravy with additonal TABASCO® Chipotle Pepper Sauce as desired.

Yield: 12 servings