Ingredients Weight Measure
Vodka 12 oz.
Grouper fillet, completely cleaned & boned 3 oz.
Key lime, grated zest & juice 1 ea.
Table salt 1 tsp.
Cilantro, fine chiffonade 1/2 oz.
Shallots, finely diced 2 oz.
Mango, small dice 6 oz.
TABASCO® brand Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce 12 dashes


  1. Place vodka and 12 shot glasses in the freezer before preparing recipe.
  2. Cut grouper into small dice, place into a nonreactive bowl with lime juice and salt, cover and refrigerate for 1 hour.
  3. Before discarding lime rinds, take glasses out of freezer and smear around the rim of each glass.
  4. Remove grouper from refrigerator, add cilantro, shallots and mangoes.
  5. Mix gently and taste for seasoning.
  6. Place 12 iced shot glasses in a row; divide ceviche equally into the glasses.
  7. Pour 1 oz. of iced vodka into each glass.
  8. Divide the key lime zest and sprinkle into each glass.
  9. Place one dash of TABASCO® Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce into each glass and serve immediately.

Yield: 12 servings