Ingredients Weight Measure
Chicken breasts, 6-8 oz. each 12 ea.
TABASCO® brand Habanero Sauce 3 Tbsp.
TABASCO® brand Garlic Pepper Sauce 3 Tbsp.
Coconut oil 6 Tbsp.
Flour 1 cup
Mango, whole 1 ea.
Papaya, small 1/2 ea.
Strawberries, fresh 1 pt.
Parsley, fresh, chopped 3 Tbsp.
Poppy seeds 2 Tbsp.
Sugar 1 tsp.
Chiles, crushed 1 tsp.
Oranges, separated into wedges 2 ea.


  1. Brush chicken breasts with TABASCO® Habanero Sauce and TABASCO® Garlic Pepper Sauce; leave refrigerated for at least 1 hour.
  2. Place oil in frying pan and heat to 350°F. Dredge chicken in flour; lightly pan-fry until golden in color. Place chicken breasts in a roasting pan; bake for 15-20 minutes at 325°F.
  3. Peel mango and papaya; dice into small cubes. In a bowl, mix strawberries, mangoes, papayas, parsley, poppy seeds, sugar and chiles.
  4. Top chicken breast with the fruit salsa and orange wedges.

Yield: 12 servings