Ingredients Weight Measure

TABASCO® Marinade

Ingredients Weight Measure
TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce 1 oz.
Heavy cream 24 oz.
Salt and pepper to taste

Seasoned Flour

Ingredients Weight Measure
All-purpose flour 5 cups
Cajun seasoning 3 oz.
Salt and pepper to taste

Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette

Ingredients Weight Measure
Key lime juice 4-1/2 oz.
TABASCO® brand Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce 1/2 oz.
Honey 1 Tbsp.
Blended oil (75% salad oil, 25% olive oil) 12 oz.
Cilanto, chopped 2 Tbsp.

Chipotle Aioli

Ingredients Weight Measure
Egg yolks 2 ea.
Garlic, mashed to a paste 1/4 oz.
White wine vinegar 1 oz.
Water 1/2 oz.
Vegetable oil 1 pt.
Extra virgin olive oil 10 oz.
Salt as needed
Pepper as needed
Lemon juice as needed
TABASCO® brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce 3 Tbsp.

Soft Shell Crabs

Ingredients Weight Measure
Soft shell crabs, cleaned 24 ea.
Seasoned flour as needed
Vegetable oil as needed

Salad and Garnishes

Ingredients Weight Measure
Mesclun salad mix 18 cups
Ruby red grapefruit 36 ea.
Florida oranges, sections 36 ea.
Red pear tomatoes, halved 18 ea.
Chives, whole 36 ea.


  1. For the TABASCO® Marinade, combine all ingredients in bowl.
  2. For the Seasoned Flour, combine all ingredients in bowl.
  3. For the Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette, combine the lime juice, TABASCO® Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce and honey in bowl. Whisk in oil gradually.
  4. For the Chipotle Aioli, combine the egg yolks, garlic, vinegar and water in a bowl. Mix well with a balloon whip until the mixture is slightly foamy.
  5. Gradually add the vegetable and olive oils in a thin stream, constantly beating with a whip, until they are incorporated and the mayonnaise is thick. Adjust the flavor with salt, pepper, lemon juice and TABASCO® Chipotle Pepper Sauce to taste. Refrigerate immediately.
  6. Marinate cleaned soft shell crabs in TABASCO® Marinade for 15 minutes. Dredge in seasoned flour. Pan fry soft shell crabs in vegetable oil on both sides for about 2 minutes, or until crispy and cooked through. Keep warm.
  7. For each serving, place a portion of mesclun salad in the center of the plate. Place 2 crabs on top of the salad. Garnish with 3 sections each of grapefruit and oranges, 3 tomatoe halves, 3 chives and aioli.

Yield: 12 servings