Ingredients Weight Measure
Pork chops, boneless, about 3/4"-thick 4 ea.
TABASCO® brand Garlic Pepper Sauce 1 Tbsp.
Soy sauce 1/4 cup
Brown sugar 2 Tbsp.
Ginger root, grated 2 tsp.
Pale ale or brown ale 2 cups


  1. Place the chops in self-sealing plastic bag and add the other ingredients.
  2. Gently massage the bag to evenly distribute the marinade ingredients and refrigerate for 4 to 24 hours.
  3. Remove chops from marinade and reserve marinade in saucepan.
  4. Place the chops on a hot grill and cover with a lid or tin foil. Grill for 10 minutes, turning once.
  5. Bring the marinade to the boil and serve the chops drizzled with the marinade.

Yield: 4 servings