Ingredients Weight Measure
TABASCO® brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce 1-1/4 oz.
Rose's® Lime Juice 2-1/2 oz.
Salt, kosher as needed
Grey Goose® Vodka 1-1/4 oz.
TABASCO® brand Bloody Mary Mix, Mildly Seasoned or Extra Spicy 14 oz.


Ingredients Weight Measure
Green olives as needed
Celery stick 1 ea.
Lime, squeezed as needed
Buffalo wing, optional 1 ea.


  1. Mix TABASCO® Chipotle Pepper Sauce and Rose's® Lime Juice in one side of glass rimmer. Place rim of 16-oz. glass in TABASCO®/lime mixture and then rim glass with kosher salt.
  2. Fill glass with ice. Add Grey Goose® Vodka; then fill glass with TABASCO® Bloody Mary Mix, leaving 1/4" to allow for garnish.
  3. Garnish with green olives, celery stalk and a squeezed lime (or a Buffalo wing if you're so inclined).

Yield: 1 serving