Chipotle Wings

Ingredients Weight Measure
Vegetable oil 2 Tbsp.
TABASCO® brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce 3 Tbsp.
Chicken wings, wing tips cut off and discarded and wings halved at joint 20 ea.

Homemade Ranch Dressing

Ingredients Weight Measure
Low-fat mayonnaise 3/4 cup
Buttermilk 1/2 cup
Fresh parsley, finely chopped 2 Tbsp.
Celery leaves, finely chopped 2 Tbsp.
Fresh lemon juice 1-1/2 tsp.
Dijon mustard 1-1/2 tsp.
Onion powder 3/4 tsp.
Dried dill weed 1/4 tsp.


  1. For Chipotle Wings, in bowl, rub oil and TABASCO® Chipotle Pepper Sauce onto wings.
  2. Broil wings 4" to 5" from heat, turning over once, until barely cooked through, 20 to 25 minutes.
  3. For Homemade Ranch Dressing, mix all ingredients together, cover and chill at least 1 hour to blend flavors. Keep refrigerated.
  4. Serve wings with Homemade Ranch Dressing as dipping sauce.

Yield: 20 wings