Ingredients Weight Measure
V8® Vegetable juice 1-1/2 oz.
Lime, no rind 1/2 ea.
Yellow bell pepper, peeled, with no skin 1/2 ea.
Cucumber, peeled, with no skin 1/4 ea.
Beef tomato, peeled, with no skin 1/4 ea.
Sea salt 1 Tbsp.
Cilantro, leaves only 1 bunch
Tanqueray® No. 10 4 oz.
TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce, for garnish 6 shakes
Ground black pepper garnish
Cilantro, for garnish 1 sprig


  1. Muddle V8® Vegetable Juice, lime, yellow bell pepper, cucumber, tomato, salt and cilantro. Add ice and Tanqueray® No. 10; shake and strain.
  2. Serve in a chilled martini glass with the rim dipped in TABASCO® Sauce then ground black pepper with a sprig of cilantro for garnish.

Yield: 1 serving