Ingredients Weight Measure
Garlic 15 oz.
Shallots 20 oz.
Olive oil, divided 40 oz.
White wine 20 oz.
Heavy cream 60 oz.
Spinach 40 oz.
Portabella mushrooms 50 oz.
Shrimp, peeled, deveined 70 oz.
TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce, divided 10 oz. + as needed
Oranges 12 oz.
Sour cream 20 oz.
Eggs 40 oz.
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Chives 10 oz.
Pinenuts, toasted 4 oz.


  1. Roast the garlic in a 350°F oven until golden brown.
  2. Lightly fry the shallots in a pan with olive oil; add the roasted garlic and wine and reduce. Add the heavy cream, reduce and add the spinach, reserving 4 leaves for garnish, and cook for 1 minute.
  3. Blend the sauce until you get a smooth, green-colored spinach suace. Keep it hot until plating. Filter if necessary in order not to have spinach sediments.
  4. Marinate the portabellas and the shrimp in olive oil and 10 oz. TABASCO® Sauce.
  5. Take the zests and the juice of the oranges and mix with sour cream; keep at room temperature until plating
  6. Heat a pan, add olive oil and sear the portabellas. Keep them hot for plating.
  7. Heat water in a pan in order to poach the eggs.
  8. Heat a sauté pan, add olive oil and sear the shrimp while poaching the eggs.
  9. Season the spinach leaves with salt and pepper and add olive oil. Cut the chives very fine.
  10. For plating, pour the sauce on a plate. Put the portabella in the center of the plate, then the orange sour cream on top of it. Place 4 shrimp around the mushroom and garnish with chives and 1 spinach leaf per shrimp.
  11. Finally, set the poached egg over the orange sour cream and garnish with TABASCO® Sauce and chopped toasted pinenuts.

Yield: 20 servings