Ingredients Weight Measure
Buckwheat noodles 2 bundles
Ahi tuna, minced 1 lb.
TABASCO® brand SWEET & Spicy Pepper Sauce, divided 5 Tbsp.
Fresh ginger, minced 1/4 cup
Green onion, minced 2 Tbsp.
Sesame oil, not toasted 1 Tbsp.
Hot house cucumbers, whole 2 ea.
Rice wine vinegar 1 tsp.
Whole-leaf spinach or kale, large leaves 8 ea.


  1. Cook buckwheat noodles until done. Strain and rinse under cold water. Allow to dry on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper.
  2. Mix tuna with 2 Tbsp. TABASCO® SWEET & Spicy Sauce, ginger, green onion and sesame oil; keep cold.
  3. Peel and deseed the cucumbers. Place into a blender and purée until smooth. Add rice wine vinegar and keep cold.
  4. Blanch spinach or kale for 10 seconds and shock in an ice bath; dry on paper towels.
  5. Lay out an 18”x24” double layer of plastic wrap, and lay one-quarter of the buckwheat noodles in a circular pattern in the middle. Lay 2 blanched spinach leaves on top of the noodles, and place one-quarter of the tuna mixture on top of the spinach leaves.
  6. Meet the corners of the plastic wrap above the noodles, spinach and tuna, pushing the air out. When the air is removed, spin bag to form a tight ball.
  7. Repeat the process to form three more tuna-noodle balls.
  8. Place the bags into the refrigerator for 30 min. to set. Once set, remove bags and fry ball until crispy. Spoon purée onto a plate and drizzle with remaining TABASCO® SWEET & Spicy Sauce. Slice the crispy tuna-noodle ball in half and place on top.

Yield: 4 servings