Ingredients Weight Measure
Olive oil 6 oz. 3/4 cup
Kielbasa, diced 12 oz. 3 cups
Cumin, ground 3/4 tsp.
TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce, divided 3-1/2 oz. 7 Tbsp.
Prepared black bean soup 6 lbs. 12 cups
Sour cream 12 oz. 1-1/2 cups


  1. Heat the olive oil in a pot large enough to hold the soup. Add the kielbasa and cook 3 to 5 minutes, until lightly browned.
  2. Add the cumin to the pot and cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Add 4 Tbsp. TABASCO® Sauce to the pot. Add the soup and stir well.
  3. Bring the soup to a boil and reduce to a simmer, stirring often to prevent scorching.
  4. Stir together the sour cream and the remaining 3 Tbsp. TABASCO® Sauce.
  5. For each serving, ladle an 8 oz. portion into a bowl and garnish with 1 Tbsp. sour cream.

Yield: 16 8-oz. servings