Ingredients Weight Measure
Ears of corn, fresh, in hunks 3-3/4 lbs.
Heavy cream 1 cup
Salt and pepper to taste
Monterey Jack cheese, cubed 6 oz.

TABASCO® Green Jalapeño Pepper Jelly

Ingredients Weight Measure
TABASCO® brand Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce 5 oz.
Water 5 oz.
Sugar 5 oz.

Sonoran Spice

Ingredients Weight Measure
Chili powder 1 Tbsp.
Salt 1 Tbsp.
Black pepper, ground 1-1/2 Tbsp.
Cumin, ground 1 Tbsp.
Garlic powder 1 Tbsp.
Onion powder 1-1/2 tsp.

Roast Chicken

Ingredients Weight Measure
Whole chickens, cut into 8 pieces 18 lbs. 6 ea.
Sonoran Spice 1/4 cup
Thyme, fresh 6 sprigs
Rosemary, fresh 6 sprigs
Garlic 6 cloves
Achiote oil (available in Latin markets) 1/4 cup
Bay leaves 12 ea.
Reserved corn liquid (from tamale)
TABASCO® brand Garlic Pepper Sauce 3 Tbsp.

Tomato Salsa

Ingredients Weight Measure
Plum tomatoes, large, seeded, diced 15 ea.
Scallions, sliced thin 3/4 cup
Cilantro, chopped 3 Tbsp.
Lime juice 3 Tbsp.
Extra virgin olive oil 1/2 cup
Salt and pepper to taste
TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce 2 Tbsp.


  1. To prepare Tamales, cut through the husk, corn and cob, removing about 1/4 inch of corn at both ends of ears of corn. Remove husks without tearing, rinse if soiled and reserve for wrapping tamales. Remove corn silk and discard. Cut corn kernels off cob.
  2. In food processor, puree corn kernels, heavy cream and salt and pepper. Place in strainer to drain and reserve the corn liquid. Place drained corn in bowl and mix with Monterey Jack cheese. Lay out fresh corn husk and place corn filling evenly in each one, and then tie around to secure. Reserve in refrigerator.
  3. To prepare TABASCO® Green Jalapeño Pepper Jelly, place jelly ingredients in small sauce pot and let reduce to a thick, clear jelly, yielding about 5 oz. Cool and reserve. Can be made several days in advance.
  4. To prepare Sonoran Spice, place all spices in a mixing bowl to blend. Reserve until ready to use. Can be made several days in advance.
  5. To prepare Roast Chicken, preheat oven to 350°F. Place chicken pieces in large mixing bowl. Add in Sonoran Spice, fresh herbs, garlic, achiote oil, bay leaves, reserved corn liquid (from tamale) and TABASCO® Garlic Pepper Sauce. Mix well and place in a roasting pan. Cook in oven about 40 minutes, basting several times until brown and cooked.
  6. To prepare Tomato Salsa, in a mixing bowl, place all salsa ingredients and toss gently to mix. Let marinate 15 minutes and serve as a side to chicken.
  7. To serve, steam tamales about 10 minutes or until firm. Place chicken on serving platter. Open tamales, folding back husk, and place next to chicken. Serve each with a spoon of TABASCO® Green Jalapeño Pepper Jelly and Tomato Salsa.

Yield: 12 servings