TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauces are a great choice to spice up your entrees and appetizers (especially hot wings). But because TABASCO® brings out the special taste of all food, you can use TABASCO® in just about anything and get great results.

Pizzas Specialty pizzas are one of the biggest trends in today’s consumer trends. With TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauces, you can create memorable signature gourmet pizzas by adding it to crusts, sauces, and toppings. How does Three Alarm Cheeseburger Pizza or New Orleans Style Pizza sound? How about Buffalo Chicken Pizza? Plus, you can always add TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauces to traditional pizzas like Classic Mushroom & Pepperoni Pizza to enhance their special flavors.

Breakfast/Eggs Your breakfast menu will rise and shine when prepared using TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauces. TABASCO® Sauces give that little kick your customers have been adding on their own for years . . . dash it into omelets, scrambled eggs, tortilla wraps, and sausages. Or offer totally new breakfast items, like the delicious Smoky Sausage and Cheese Scramble.

Beverages A Bloody Mary without TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce just isn’t a Bloody Mary. But did you know that TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauces add flair to a wide variety of beverages? Feature a few of our unique beverage recipes on your bar menu and give your customers some fun new choices to keep them coming back. We bet you have more than a few patrons who will love our Cactus Kicker, Summer Breeze, and Mosquito Martini.

Dessert That’s right, TABASCO® even tastes great in your favorite desserts. That’s because the power of TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauces isn’t just that they add heat, but bring out the unique tastes in all foods. You’re skeptical, right? Well, one taste of Fire and Ice Cream, Sweet and Spicy Brownies, and Pungent Pumpkin Pie will change your mind.

For even more great recipes featuring all of our different pepper sauces, check out our recipe database with over 2,000 recipes.