From quick-serve to fine dining, if you're in the foodservice industry, you know that customers prefer brand names they know. Restaurants that serve brand-name items can count on increased traffic, and customers are inclined to pay more for a menu item that features a brand-name ingredient.

TABASCO® has unique brand strength. Quite simply, TABASCO® is synonymous with pepper sauce. Whether it's front-of-house or back, TABASCO® Sauce is requested by name by more people than any other pepper sauce brand. With patrons' growing love of hot and spicy food, TABASCO® is quickly becoming a staple of everyone's dining experience.

By putting the power of brands to work for you, you can see increased sales, greater profits, and higher customer satisfaction. Almost 42% of all consumers say they'll pay more for a menu item if it features a brand-name ingredient.* With a product as versatile as TABASCO®, your restaurant has almost unlimited options for new menu items.

Your patrons want brand-name items to be a part of their dining experience, and TABASCO® is a brand that customers ask for by name again and again. Adding TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauces to your menu items and placing them on your tabletop is one of the best ways to positively influence your customers' perceptions of your restaurant and bring in more profits and sales.

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*Source: First Market Research