TABASCO® appetizers, entrées and drink items tap into today’s ‘hot ’n’ spicy’ consumer trend for bold and flavorful foods.

Adding TABASCO® items to your menu can increase not only your sales but your bottom-line profits. Did you know that 74% of restaurant patrons were "much more or somewhat more likely" to order brand-name products if a restaurant began displaying them on the menu, tabletops, or signs?*

For example, imagine a TABASCO® promotion where you roll-out three new TABASCO®-flavored menu items with an average profit margin contribution of $5.70, $0.80 higher than your current average. Because your customers love the great taste of TABASCO® Sauce, you sell 500 plates per week. That's an extra $400 in incremental weekly profit. A chain of 50 stores (on a 4-week promotion) could make an additional bottom-line profit of $80,000 in just one month.

And if you included a waitstaff incentive program that included TABASCO® brand merchandise or cash, not to mention menu inserts on the new items, you could easily double those figures. All that just for the power of the TABASCO® brand and a few cents of TABASCO® Sauce.

Find out more about TABASCO®-flavored menu items. Check out our extensive recipe database or read about how TABASCO® Sauce can add to your back-of-house.

* Source: First Market Research