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Coated Chipotle Fresh Mozzarella

Recipe uses Chipotle Spray Dry
Chipotle Spray Dry
1 serving
Coated Chipotle Fresh Mozzarella
Coated Chipotle Fresh Mozzarella


Ingredients Weight Measure
TABASCO® brand Chipotle Spray Dry Flavoring --- 4 Tbsp. (2% use)
Fresh mozzarella pearls1 lb.---
Fresh cilantro, rough chopped---4 Tbsp.
Fresh garlic, minced---2 Tbsp.
Grape tomatoes, halved4 oz.---
Ginger, shaved---2 tsp.
Yellow tomatoes, halved4 oz.---
Olive oil---2 Tbsp.
Maldon flake salt---to desired visual particulate
Fine black pepper---to desired visual particulate


Drain mozzarella pearls and pat dry with paper towels.

Toss mozzarella in TABASCO® Chipotle Spray Dry, let stand.

Mix all remaining ingredients and garnish with salt and pepper.

Add seasoned mozzarella to above, plate.