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Our Brand

Our Brand

Whether it's front-of-house or back, TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce is asked for by name more than any other pepper sauce brand. With patrons' growing love of hot and spicy food, the TABASCO® brand has become a tabletop staple for dining away from home. Meet today's growing demand for hot and spicy foods with the bold taste of TABASCO® Sauce.
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Elevate Flavor, Maximize Value

The TABASCO® brand Family of Flavors® are endlessly versatile. Whether you are a foodservice operator or food manufacturer, you can increase the perceived value and flavor of your menu items or new product offerings by incorporating and calling out TABASCO® brand.

Better Value

3x more servings per bottle

A recent independent study² showed that just one 5-oz. bottle of TABASCO® Original Red Sauce provides, on average, more than 100 tabletop servings. That’s almost three times more servings than competing brands. Competitive brands may be cheaper, but if they have to be replenished more often, they can cost you more in the long run. With TABASCO® brand, it’s easy to satisfy your customers’ demand for high-quality, tabletop hot sauce and do it cost-effectively.

²TABASCO® Usage Study, Creative Research Services Inc.

Cholula® Hot Sauce is a registered trademark of Jose Cuervo S.A. de C.V.
Frank’s® RedHot® Pepper Sauce is a registered trademark of Reckitt Benckiser Inc.
Louisiana Gold® Pepper Sauce is a registered trademark of Southeastern Mills, Inc.

Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

Since 1868,the McIlhenny family has been committed to premium products that enliven the flavor of food. Our mission is to assure that our TABASCO® diamond provides foodservice professionals and industrial manufacturers uncompromising quality.

Hear from our partners

Whether you're looking to positively influence your customers’ perceptions of your product or increase sales and profit, discover the versatility of the TABASCO® brand.

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