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Guacamole Tostadas

Avocado is the star of the show in this tasty vegetarian recipe for spicy Guacamole Tostadas, sure to become an appetizer menu favorite.
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Recipe uses Green Jalapeño Sauce
Green Jalapeño Sauce
1 serving
Guacamole Tostadas
Guacamole Tostadas
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Guacamole has reached ubiquity on appetizer menus and consumers are constantly searching for new flavors and preparation methods.
Datassential, MenuTrends, 2018


Ingredients Weight Measure
TABASCO® brand Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce --- 1/2 cup
TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce --- 2 tsp.
Vegetable oil---1 cup
Corn tortillas,6-in. diameter---3 ea.
Guacamole---3/4 cup
Pico de gallo---3/4 cup
Iceberg lettuce, shredded---3 cups
Sour cream---1/2 cup


Heat vegetable oil in a pot; fry tortillas until crispy. Allow to drain.

Mix guacamole and TABASCO® Green Sauce; spread evenly on the three tortillas.

Mix pico de gallo with shredded lettuce; evenly pile on top of each guacamole-covered tortilla.

Mix TABASCO® Original Red Sauce and sour cream; drizzle over the tops of the tortillas.

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