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Pork Tenderloin

Recipe uses Cayenne Garlic Pepper Sauce
Cayenne Garlic Pepper Sauce
4 servings
Pork Tenderloin
Pork Tenderloin


Ingredients Weight Measure
TABASCO® brand Cayenne Garlic Pepper Sauce --- 1/2 cup
Orange juice---1 cup
Peanut oil---1/2 cup
Soy sauce---1/3 cup
Ginger, sliced---1 knob
Sugar---1/4 cup
Lime, juice only---1 ea.
Green onion, chopped---1/2 bunch
Fresh cilantro, chopped---1/2 bunch
Pork tenderloin---1 ea.


Combine all ingredients except pork tenderloin and mix together to make a marinade. Place tenderloin into marinade and allow to sit for 2–3 hours.

Grill or roast pork tenderloin to desired temperature.

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