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Straw-Avery Island

For over a century, the legacy of two Southern brands, George Dickel™ and McIlhenny Company’s TABASCO® Original Red Sauce, have left their mark on the world and their distinct tastes in the memories of people everywhere. These two iconic brands have come together in one bottle to create George Dickel™ TABASCO® Brand Barrel Finish, or Hot Dickel™ for short.
Recipe uses Original Red Sauce
Original Red Sauce
1, 5-oz. Cocktail
Straw-Avery Island
Straw-Avery Island


Strawberry Mint Lime Simple Syrup
Ingredients Weight Measure
Sugar---1/8 cup
Lime peel---2 ea.
Mint---1/2 cup
Frozen strawberries---16 oz.
Lime juice, strained---2 ea.
100% simple syrup---1 cup
Ingredients Weight Measure
Hot Dickel™---3 oz.
Strawberry mint lime simple syrup---1 oz. + 1 dash (garnish)
Lime juice---1/2 ea.
Ice, crushed---5 oz.
Fresh mint sprig (garnish)---1 ea.
Strawberry (garnish)---1 ea.


Strawberry Mint Lime Simple Syrup

Peel limes; a little pith is fine. Add into bowl with strawberries and sugar. Cover with plastic and place into a simmering pot of water. Cook for 1 hour. While strawberries cook, add mint into a tea bag or cheesecloth.

Turn off heat after 1 hour. Add mint and cover again. Let steep for 10 minutes.

Strain strawberries and chill liquid. Discard mint. Blend strawberries and hang over night.

Add hung strawberry liquid to the rest of the consomme. Add lime juice and simple syrup.


Fill glass with crushed ice higher than the lip to form an ice mound.

Stir rest of ingredients.

Pour cocktail over ice and finish with garnishes, including the dash of Strawberry Mint Lime Simple Syrup. Serve with straw and TABASCO® Mini-Bottle.

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