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Spice Up Your Brunch Service with the Ultimate Bloody Mary

Whether you make them from scratch or with TABASCO® brand Bloody Mary Mix, the cocktail that’s synonymous with TABASCO® Brand is a brunch menu must-have. And with 60% of customers saying they’re likely to drink alcohol at brunch (Beverage Industry, 2016), it’s a natural way to please your brunch crowds while boosting check averages. While you can’t go wrong with the classic served with a celery stick, try spicing things up with one of these variations.

Swap your spirit

While vodka may be quintessential, you can add interest to your Bloody by changing up the spirit. Adventurous mixologists are using gin, rum, whiskey or even sake as variations on a theme. Use tequila instead for a Bloody Maria, or swap mezcal for a Mezcal Mary; add extra flavor and presentation points with a spicy salt rim. (Get started with our BCT Bloody Mary, made with mezcal and a dash of TABASCO® brand Chipotle Sauce with a bacon, celery and tomato garnish). Or serve the sober-minded by cutting the booze altogether—known as a Virgin Mary.

Garnish creatively

While a celery stick, lime and olives may be classic, the over-the-top Bloody Mary build has gained steam in recent years. Pickled veggies (cucumbers, okra, carrots, onions, peppers), thick-cut bacon, halved hard-boiled eggs, poached shrimp and more all elevate your Bloody Mary to a “meal in a glass” and make it stand out among its peers. Our Bayou Bloody Mary recipe, for example, is garnished with blackened or fried seafood, andouille sausage and charred bell pepper, complementing its Bayou country flavor. You can also offer a Bloody Mary bar where guests can garnish their drink for themselves with an assortment of veggies, proteins and sauces.

Vary your flavor

Original Red may be the “OG” of Bloody Marys, but you can also vary your pepper sauce to add an unexpected layer of flavor. Try a few dashes of TABASCO® brand Chipotle Sauce for a smoky finish, Habanero for a fruity-yet-fiery take, or even a touch of Scorpion—TABASCO® Brand’s spiciest sauce yet—for the heat-lovers out there. A “Green Mary” uses the juice of green tomatoes, or tomatillos, for a fresh, tart take that’s further enhanced by TABASCO® brand Green Jalapeño Sauce. Make yours extra fresh with our Power Greens Bloody Mary recipe, which uses tomatillos in addition to kale, celery, cucumber and more with a booze base of gin. Whether you serve them by the glass or as part of a bottomless brunch, Bloody Marys are an essential for brunch menus, with the versatility to shine across restaurant concepts. Let your staff concentrate on sending out piping hot plates by using all-natural TABASCO® brand Bloody Mary Mix, in mild or spicy, made with no preservatives and only the ingredients you’d use yourself. And when making from scratch, don’t send one out without a dash of Bloody Mary’s favorite pepper sauce!