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The “Plus 1”-2-3 of Creating Easy Signature Sauces

With 42% of consumers saying they expect restaurants to offer signature flavors they can’t get elsewhere, sauces are a great place to add unforgettable flavor that customers come back for. With their distinct taste profiles and artisanal quality, the TABASCO® Family of Flavors® offers the perfect “plus one” components for creating your next secret sauce. When thinking of creative and easy ways to amplify the sauces you already make or keep in your pantry, Chef Ben Lee, Director of Culinary Services at Creative Food Solutions and former Executive Chef of New York’s A Voce Madison, advises: “Substitute TABASCO® Original Red Sauce for your acid—vinegar or lemon juice—any time you want to brighten up a sauce.” He also recommends it in marinades or recipes that call for vinegar and chili: “In the kitchen, we don’t just use it as a hot sauce. It’s a seasoning.”
But don’t stop there. Original Red adds a lift and a necessary touch of salt to anything dairy-based, while TABASCO® Green Jalapeño is the perfect compliment to fresh dips like salsa, guacamole or chimichurri, as well as queso. TABASCO® Cayenne Garlic works well with tomato-based sauces, while a touch of TABASCO® Srirarcha in hoisin sauce equals a go-to dip for spring rolls, summer rolls or anything with Asian-inspired flavors. Start with these tried-and-true “plus-one” combinations, or experiment with your own combos to balance and enhance the flavor of your sauces, dips and spreads.

Marinara + Cayenne Garlic

With 42% of customers saying they want restaurants to offer appetizers with more unique flavors, a side of kicked-up marinara is an easy way to add zing to this comfort food favorite.

Mayonnaise + Sriracha

Sriracha has reached official cult status for its addictive mix of chili, garlic and a touch of sweetness. Mix it with mayo to accompany sandwiches and fries, or try combining with sour cream as a dipping sauce for fried apps, breakfast plates and even veggies.

Barbecue Sauce + Chipotle

Chipotle’s rich, slow-smoked flavor adds depth and heat to barbecue sauce. Brush on top of barbecue sandwiches, ribs and wings, or serve alongside chicken tenders and cole slaw.

Ketchup + Sweet & Spicy

Why give customers plain old condiments when it’s just as easy to serve something unique? This kicked-up ketchup is cravably delicious alongside burgers and fries, providing just the right amount of heat.

Ranch + Anything

With 44% of consumers saying they eat ranch at least once a week, there’s a reason this tangy, creamy dressing is so ubiquitous: it pairs well with so many apps, from spicy wings to crisp veggies to fried pickles. A few shakes of Habanero adds tropical, fruity heat, while a TABASCO® Buffalo infusion gets you a perfect crispy fried chicken sandwich topper. With 80% of consumers saying they’re always interested in trying new TABASCO® Pepper Sauce flavors, you get both flavor and brand name benefits when you use the Family of Flavors® in your “plus one” sauces.   1 Technomic, Flavor Consumer Trend Report, 2017 2 Technomic, Starters, Small Plates & Sides Consumer Trend Report, 2017